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admin Oct 14, 2016
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As promised, here is a review of the Annealing Made Perfect – Case Annealer.
I was looking for a while for an annealer that is easy to use, does not use propane and can be fine tuned to different cartridges. I decided to give Annealing Made Perfect a shot.

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Even tough Annealing Made Perfect is located in New Zealand, ordering the annealer was a breeze. I filled out the form on the website and received the purchase link within hours.
US orders ship from a office in the US. If the annealer is in stock, you should get it within a few days.
The packaging is some of the best in the industry. The annealer is packed in double corrugated cardboard with tight fitting foam. Small parts are packaged all individually.
The manual is straight to the point.
After installing the 4 rubber feet and plugging in the power cord, the annealer is ready to go.
To get setup for your specific brass, you pick the correct pilot and and screw it in to the port. Then clamp your shell holder in to the case holder.
Select the correct program from the table on the Annealing Made Easy website ( http://www.ampannealing.com/settings )
Put a case in the Shell Holder and insert it in to the annealing port. After pushing the start button, you will see the button light up and hear a ticking noise for ~4 seconds. The light will turn off and your case is done. It is really this easy.
I started off with some 338 Lapua brass that was in dire need of annealing after 3 reloads.
The whole process is very simple and does not require much attention. My recommendation is to get a few cooking sheets to have a safe spot for the cases. It will take a few minutes for them to cool down.
Then i moved on to 6.5 Creedmoor and some 308 Brass. Switching the pilots and shell holders takes less then a minute.
The results are amazing. Tonight, i will load some annealed and some raw cases and run them through my magnetospeed on saturday.

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As promised, here is a review of the Annealing Made Perfect – Case Annealer. I was looking for a while for an annealer…

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